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To train the mind
in the yoga of the Indian spirituality  शिक्षा

With this program I cordially invite all yoga practitioners, teachers and in general everyone with the desire to awaken and grow spiritually to study, reflect and realize the self through authentic yoga studies with all the wonderful topics and tools of Indian spirituality. New topics are added every year, the structure enables lateral entry and accompanies all students in the increasing thematic expansion. Despite all this, I would like to point out that the Sanskrit course serves as a basis for dealing with Vedic or the texts of yoga. It serves as an introduction to spiritual science, as well as an introduction to Kashmiri Shivaism, with which we have one of the most explanatory yoga philosophies.

Sanskrit  संस्कृत

Śikṣā means education. The Sanskṛta-Śikṣā is a simple yet comprehensive introduction to the language of Sanskrit. We owe much of the methodology to my honored teacher Śrī Vāgīśa Śāstrī, who named his Sanskrit method Vāgyoga, the yoga of language. The Vāgyoga is very suitable as an experimental introduction to the Sanskrit language for yoga teachers, practitioners and especially for the Mantra Sādhaka. With the Vāgyoga Sanskrit method we have a simple, exciting and at the same time yogic approach to one of the oldest and most sublime languages in the world, the language of the yogis and gods, instead of dry language studies and a great deal of learning effort. I consider myself very fortunate to be able to offer this simple yet authentic approach to this wonderful language.

Kashmiri Śivaism  तन्त्र

Kashmiri Śivaism is one of the last blossoms on the tree of Indian learning. At the highest and most ethereal point, this led to the last great blossoming of all-India scholarship - namely in the concept of what we call consciousness. On the basis of what consciousness is, it steers away from the outer ritual and takes the path of knowledge. It explains the processes of yogic practice within the light of consciousness, as the experience of one's own consciousness.
I had been very blessed to study from
Dr. Mark Dyczkowski in Varanasi since 2004. Dr. Mark Dyczkowski was initiated by the last great master of this tradition, Swami Laksmanjoo. He devoted his entire life to researching and teaching this tradition. As one of the worlds foremost experts and indologists on Agama literature in general and Kashmiri Śivaism in particular, Dr. Mark Dyczkowski is author of important publications.


Mantra  मन्त्र

Mantraśikṣā is the accurate recitation of Vedic, Puranic and Tantric texts, studying their meaning and philosophy. The recitation of mantras is a wonderful way to uplift the mind and at the same time serves to practice the important yogic awareness, the basis of every yoga practice.

aesthetic journey 

Pūjā  पूजा

Rituals or Training in the Ritual Art

aesthetic journey


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