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With a German mother and Indian father, I was born and raised in Stuttgart, but lived most of my student years in the holy city of Vārāṇasī, my fathers hometown. There I was initiated into spiritual science by my great uncle Shri Kausal Kishor Shrivastava. My Sanskrit studies made an impact right from the start Śrī Vāgīsa Śāstrī, through him I was authorized in Veda and Vāgyoga. I studied for some time at the Sampūrnānanda Sanskrit University in Vārāṇasī and Classical Indology at the University of Heidelberg and since the age of 16 I have been receiving yoga instruction by R Sriram.
Other teachers are Śrī Rāmanātha Śarma (Veda) and
Shri Narayana Mishra (philosophy). My own practice goes back to the tradition of a South Indian master from Śrīśailam and since 2004 I have been studying Kashmiri Śivaism with increasing focus under the guidance of
Dr. Mark Dyczkowski.
In order to deepen all this, I have been spending time since 2012 at 2700m heights in the Nandadevi Mountains in the Himalayas , commuting between Vārāṇasī and Stuttgart. Here I teach Sanskrit, Yoga and Indian philosophy, and as a priest I organize small to large rituals.



Tradition means in Sanskrit parampara, that which is handed down from one to the next“. In India we have a very large tradition and, above all, a tradition that has existed unbroken for thousands of years. We are referring to the Seers/Ṛṣis of the Veda, to the Yogis and Mahāyogis, to the philosophy of Patañjali and to Haṭhayoga, to Veda and Tantra the whole Dharma, in short, we are referring to all the ancestral soul wisdom and the entire sciences of Indian culture, which have always examined man in all his depths. These are teachings charged with the power of consciousness and our teachers embody them for us. The teachers accompany us on the way to self-knowledge. They tell us where to focus and what concentration is. They exemplify spiritual thoughts for us and their light draws us to the other side.

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