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हरिः ॐ

Ṣoḍaśopacāra Series

Continuing from my previous course on the five-fold offerings, I am excited to announce that this course will be diving into the art of ritual with a sixteen-fold offering - a full-sized pūjā. This course is open to anyone, even those who feel new to mantra training, as each class will include fresh mantra training and a pūjā.

Through this course, we will explore the worship of various deities and provide a system for worshiping any deity. To supplement your learning, I have prepared handouts (PDFs) of my new Mantraśikṣā book series, which teaches mantra and rituals with easy-to-follow steps in three different degrees - short, complete, and long.

The medium of instruction is English. For your convenience. The course contains recordings  with additional teaching materials on a dedicated homepage.
hariḥ om


Six Classes
Ṣoḍaśopacāra Course
as Replay

write to
if you want access to the course website
along with additional teaching materials


230 USD/210 €



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