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Spanda Workshop
  • The Vibration of Consciousness


    Spanda is a term for the blissful connection between two entities, the light prakāśa and the reflection vimarśa.the Spandakārikā is a foundational text of the Spanda school, which constitutes one of the three philosophical schools from which Kashmiri Śivaism was formed by Abhinavagupta. This seminar is an open invitation to experience how God reveals himself to man through the dynamics of the powers of ones own consciousness. In doing so, we experience freedom svatantrā, which arises when the actual subject crystallizes in its contrast to the world of objects. Accompanied by a handout with extensive introduction, text and translation.

    'We worship Śaṅkara, the glorious source of the circuits of power, through its expansion (unmeṣa) and contraction (nimeṣa), opening and closing his eyelids, the universe is born and contracts, or appears and disappears again.' (Spandakārikā 1)

    The Spandakārikā is, from a certain point of view, a kind of commentary by the Śivasutra, where that Śivasutra treated the light aspect and the Spandakārikā its reflection, the dynamic or vibration of consciousness.


    'The game of juxtaposition as polarity is itself the absolute, the highest form of Spanda;'

    Spanda Workshop

    • Contents:

      1x Mp3 - 92 mins
      1x Mp3 - 95 mins
      1x Mp3 - 206 mins

      1x PDF handout - 29 pages

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