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Prakāśa I
  • The Light of Consciousness
    [pra- + √kaśshine, radiate; the light]


    Prakāśa I
    (Zoom Prakāśa 21. & 22.11.2020)


    Prakāśa is a small seminar series on the subject of expansion, light! It shines and expands. We begin where it begins or exits and move in its increasing expansion with views, with studies and reflections within the wonderful philosophy of KashmiriŚivism, in transition to guided meditation, woven into a fine tapestry of sound of vedic and tantric mantras.


    practiceasa Icontains the practice guide toGayatriandMṛtyuñjaya mantra, exercises with their divisions and special combinations. The framework is provided by examining the theme of subject-object, prakāśa-vimarśa or bindu and visarga.


    the practiceasa series contains  exercise parts from my new mantra trainingmantraŚikṣā.Lessons are suitable even for beginners, accompanied by a handout with exercises.

    Prakāśa I

    • Contents:

      1x MP3 - 90 minutes
      1x Mp3 - 93 mins
      1x Mp3 - 81 mins

      1x MP3 -  85 mins

      1x PDF handout - 8 pages



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