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Prana Workshop
  • The Breath of Consciousness


    This is the first part of a four part seminarAwareness Series, which I held in Munich and Zurich in 2019/20. With these topics my honored teacher Dr. Mark Dyczkowski the Trika Abhinavaguptas, as the highest flower of the tantric tradition, the lessons lead us step by step to the heights of universal being!

    The breath of consciousness is the breath of life, everything depends on it. In the first instance, according to the tantras, consciousness transforms into prāṇa, life force. Our beautiful word "breath" reflects it very well: the breath springs from the soul, the Ātman. We experience a foray of views on this subject from the Vedas through the Upanishads to the Tantras. With this seminar we expand our practice of breath awareness as taught in Kashmiri Shaivism, expanding our awareness in the breath of God, the breath of life, as the fundamental vibration of the soul. The theme serves everyone and everyone is invited!

    Prana Workshop

    • Contents:

      1 x Mp3 - 72 mins
      1 x Mp3 - 36 mins
      1 x Mp3 - 91 mins
      1 x Mp3 - 48 Min 
      1 x PDF handout - 15 pages

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