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Hṛdaya Workshop

The Heart of Consciousness

​In these recordings we devote ourselves to the "primordial ground existing to the highest degree" of existence, the heart of Śiva. Life emerges here, pouring into every detail as the phenomenon of language, the story of our lives; this is where we practice wonder, the process of Kashmiri meditation.


“The heart is the undivided essence of consciousness
as the light and the wonder."
      _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  (Dr Mark Dyczkowski)


How wonderful is the heart! We often try to describe it, but it is always more, it isan-akhya, the indescribable. It is the place of sentiments and subjectivity, fullness and emptiness, movement and pause at the same time. As the living connection and sum of everything, we celebrate the Lord in his center, your center, because he shines through you as a gift of life.

With the concept of the heart and the in-depth heart mysticism, the monistic philosophy of Kashmiri Shivaism rests in the heart of the Lord. Here we find the great all-inclusive philosophy of Tantrism, the most complete vision of the one heart to which we owe everything.

We hear themes from Abhinavagupta's Tantrāloka, for no one in Indian intellectual history understood this theme as he did. This is a foray into one of the most impressive views of the Indian intellectual world. It can only be surpassed by touching your own heart, for that is how the Lord expresses himself in us. For this we sit still again and again to the rhythm of his views, the pulsating life, the agitation and movement of the breath and the sensory perception. This authentic journey is for everyone because it's about receptivity, sensitivity.

Hṛdaya Workshop

  • Contents:

    6 x Mp3 - a total of ~ 5h

    1 x PDF Handout  - 13 pages

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