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हरिः ॐ

Pañcopacāra Series

Ancient India with its knowledge on vibration and its veneration of these vibrations within the body of God developed rituals, pūjās. As a means of identification with higher principles for the sake of transformation or as a religious practice different sets of offerings have been taught by tradition. As a short and simple, jet complete form of worship, the five offerings, pañcopacāra, are thought in this course.
You will learn mantras (sacred formulars) and kramas (structure) for the worship of various devatās (deities). Standard to all are the preliminaries as well as the closing down of the worship. We will look at a simple method for saṁkalpa (resolve) and learn the mantras of various devatās that we can insert into our pancopacāra system. All of these are elements for more complex rituals as desired. The course will be accompanied with handouts (PDF) of my new Mantraśikṣā, which is in itself a book series teaching mantra and rituals, with easy rituals in different degrees – short - complete - long. Medium is English.


Six Classes (6x 2h)
Pañcopacāra Course
as Replay

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210 USD/190 €

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