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Kashmiri Śivavism

The Philosophy of Consciousness


Philosophy and meditation workshops

It was the monistic school of Kashmiri Śivaism that brought the entirety of tantric literature and that of the classical Indian systems to a single concept at the end of the 12th century – namely the teaching of »consciousness«. This philosophy equates the term “consciousness” with the term “soul” or even “mantra”. Every thought, every sensation, according to this school, is in its essence pure consciousness and an invitation to enter your own pure self: through an increasing understanding of the processes of our own consciousness.

Although it is a theistic school, it encounters the practitioner at his own spiritual roots and explains the superstructure of all processes taking place there in the light of a universal philosophy of consciousness that has matured to perfection. It is deeply suited to modern man. These seminars are an open invitation to all who wish to learn about one of the most wonderful philosophies:


Siehe -hier- zur Ausbildung im einjährigen Studienkreis
cher Śivaismus

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Ankündigung Rezitationsbuch

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